Grimes - "SCREAM" ft. Aristophanes (Singles Going Steady)

This has the feel of a NIN / Brazilian Girls collaboration. It's pretty magic.

Ryan Dieringer: If there was a degree of grit missing from that great Sky Ferreira LP, I feel like us pop dabblers looking for a compelling indie/pop crossover are finding that promise here. I really wanted to hate the first single, "Flesh Without Blood", but if that one began the process of hoo-ville'ing my Grinch, I feel like I'm fully in the sleigh at this point. It sucks, but Grimes is good. Period. This has the feel of a NIN / Brazilian Girls collaboration. It's pretty magic. [8/10]

Kevin Korber: Grimes’ first single was jarring because of how readily it embraced mainstream pop trends; “SCREAM” is jarring for how readily it rejects those same ideas. In anyone else’s hands, this would be irritating, but Grimes creates a varied soundscape that keeps you from looking away. Best of all, the song doesn’t overstay its welcome, wrapping up in a little over two minutes. Now I’m back on board. [7/10]


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