Guards Return Like a "Beacon" in the Fog (premiere)

"Beacon" is the latest single from indie rock's Guards who are breaking their six-year silence with this new music.

The latest single by Guards is breaking a six-year silence from the group. "Beacon" breathes life from a sleeping giant back into the soundscape with the subtle shout of vocalist Rickie James Follin riding the wave of a catchy hook and walking drum line. Following this hiatus, the band have announced their pending LP, Modern Hymns, out 22 May via Kobalt.

On the new single, Guards say, "'Beacon' is a letter I wrote to my daughter before she was born. She is three now and dislikes most songs with reverb so she isn't into it. The message is essentially to not listen to what 'they' tell you. You can write your own story. You can direct the movie that is your life. There is no way it is 'supposed to be'. Someone just told you that, because someone before them told them that, and they never questioned it. It's not real. Create your own reality. Question everything. Mistakes are a positive occurrence if you let them guide you."

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