Hadley Kennary Chooses to Be Vulnerable with Her New Single, "Casual" (premiere)

Photo: Jacqueline Justice / Courtesy of the artist

On Hadley Kennary's latest pop offering, "Casual", she highlights the anxieties surrounding 'low-key' romances and chooses to be vulnerable.

Hadley Kennary is one part pop starlet, one part wandering troubadour. Graduating from the Berklee College of Music in 2014, she meshes studied musicality with personal experience to craft her layered pop sound. Having grown up between constant moves throughout the United States, the singer-songwriter now calls Nashville her home, where she continues to write and record. In the time since her graduation, Kennary has performed in notable spots around the nation, as well as internationally in Ireland and the UK.

Kennary latest single is "Casual". Throughout, her soulful, hearty vocals command an arrangement comprised of progressive percussion, tinges of pop synths, electric guitar, and a hefty bassline. She tells PopMatters, "There can be so much anxiety around 'low-key' romance: not knowing where you stand with somebody, making assumptions, forming expectations, etc. 'Casual' is my way of choosing to be vulnerable in that situation."

"Casual" is set to release on 27 September and is currently available to pre-save.

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