Hand Stamps and a Buddyrific Search for Statues

Jennifer O'Connor

Jennifer O'Connor Tour Diary, Entry #3

Wednesday, November 1, 2006


It's been almost a week since my last confession. We left off in Missouri, I believe, where we played the Randy Bacon Gallery. They were super sweet there and I especially liked the poster display outside the club on the sandwich board:

Next we played in Norman, Oklahoma where we had amazing mexican food. The Opolis had the best hand stamps of any place I've ever played. Check it out:

The following day brought a long drive down to Lubbock, Texas where we saw some amazing countryside and a tumbleweed actually rolled right past us on the highway. This was probably the most deserted place I'd ever been in my whole life. It was pretty amazing:

Once in Lubbock, we had a mission. Jon Langmead, my awesome drummer, is a really big Buddy Holly fan. As you may or may not know, Buddy was from Lubbock, so Jon wanted to find something related to the man and he'd heard about a statue. We had to find it. It took a while and lots of stopping people on the street, but find it we did:

Next was Denton, and I really felt this was our best show of the tour so far. It was packed, and the crowd was awesome. We met the dudes from the Baptist Generals, a group that Mr. Darnielle is good friends with. They were super awesome and I hope to see them again really soon. Here's our set list for the night, a pic of John and I, and an awesome pic of Arabella in front of the no drugs sign out back. Lots of pictures this night.

I'll do another update in the next couple of days to bring you up to date. We are on our way to Birmingham Alabama today. More miles, more miles, more miles.



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