Photo: Mike Ray Vera Cruz Angeles

Hanne Hukkelberg’s Ongoing Pop Evolution Continues with “The Young and Bold I” (premiere)

Ahead of the release of Birthmark, art pop virtuoso Hanne Hukkelberg shares her newest single, "The Young and Bold I".

For the last 15 years, Hanne Hukkelberg has been crafting an eclectic catalog of music that has often subverted pop music norms. The Norwegian singer-songwriter veers into experimental territory, invoking a studied, yet offbeat musical versatility that she’s been cultivating since the age of three. Beyond the usual piano, guitar, and drums, Hukkelberg’s knack for innovation has seen her turning the unconventional into instrumentation⁠—ordinary kitchen utensils, for instance, become another layer to her music. Consistently melding and overturning genre standards into something new, this rare, self-driven flair for the unorthodox has garnered her continued acclaim.

Continuing her upward trend of persistent evolution, Hukkelberg’s latest is a new single, “The Young and Bold I”. Characterized by atonal, percussive movements that carry listeners from one scene to the next, the singer-songwriter’s latest certainly is bold. As always, her nimble, but variegated, vocal performance lies at an inviting center—the staple of another sophisticated work from the artist. Her new album, Birthmark, is due out on 16 August via Hukkelberg Music.