Photo: Earshot Media

The Happys Showcase Their High-Energy Rock ‘n’ Roll on “Cut the Rope” (premiere)

Recovery, rebuilding, reclaiming and the fight for personal independence at the core of the energetic new single "Cut the Rope" from Bay Area quartet, the Happys.

Bipolar is the new EP from Northern California punk-pop-cum-surf rock oufit the Happys. At the core of the that release is the single “Cut the Rope”, which has quickly become a radio sensation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now with a video shot by Will Rushton Films, the group is eager to share its particular brand of high-octane rock ‘n’ roll with a wider audience.

An aggressive burst of energy, “Cut the Rope” is as infectious as it is powerful, as loud as it is heartfelt and as frightening as it is necessary. “Cut the Rope” is about leaping from the precipice and landing somewhere new and hopeful.

The group‘s frontman, Nick Petty says, “it’s like ripping a Band-Aid off. It could be anything regarding a drug problem, bad work situation, toxic relationship or anything you need to just get over and cut out of your life. If something is continuously holding you back/down, then maybe this song is about that.”


MAR 30 Broadway Nightclub & Bar- Fairfax, CA

APR 27 Butter & Egg Days Festival at Roaring Donkey- Petaluma, CA

MAY 31 RockSoberFest: Mendocino County Fairgrounds May 31 – Jun 2