Hatchet - "Prophet of Delusion" (audio) (premiere)

Cap off your week in style with some great new Bay Area thrash metal.

Of all the bands that helped bring thrash metal back into fashion in the late 2000s, San Francisco band Hatchet was one of the best, but incredibly they never did attract the attention that more fashionable thrash revivalists like Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust did. Still, though, the band has carried on with founding guitarist Julz Ramos, losing the odd member and gaining others, churning out quality thrash of the Bay Area variety, influenced primarily by Exodus and Death Angel. The band's third album Fear Beyond Lunacy will be released 30 October on The End Records (pre-order it here), and you can listen to the scorching new track "Prophet of Delusion" below.

"In our world today there are so many leaders who feign their true intentions," says Ramos. "This is a global epidemic and you never know who your are putting your faith in. I guess I was really inspired by the Jonestown massacre that occurred in the late 1970s. People believed this guy was a prophet of god, gave up their personal belongings and money to him and even some of the men and women gave themselves to him. All for what? To drink a poison that killed all 900 of them in the end. The lyrics that really point to this are the chorus:

"Prophet of Delusion, trust beyond your life!

Deciever of believers, your destinies are mine!"

Catch Hatchet on tour with Doyle this fall:

Oct 23 -- Korova; San Antonio, TX

Oct 24 -- Del Rio Civic Center; Del Rio, TX

Oct 25 -- Cine El Rey; McAllen, TX

Oct 26 -- Beershakers; Corpus Christi, TX

Oct 27 -- Stubbs Jr.; Austin, TX

Oct 28 -- Jake's; Lubbock, TX

Oct 29 -- Trees; Dallas, TX

Oct 30 -- 18th St.; San Leon, TX

Oct 31 -- BFE Club; Houston, TX

Nov 02 -- Blue Max; Midland, TX

Nov 03 -- Mesa Music Hall; El Paso, TX

Nov 08 -- Doll Hut; Anaheim, CA

Nov 10 -- Loaded; Hollywood, CA

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