Haunted Summer Explores the Strange with "The Woods" (premiere)

Bridgette Moody and John Seasons team with director Brendan Eder for rare video that deftly matches images and words.

Bridgette Moody and John Seasons have been performing as Haunted Summer for over half a decade now. The duo's 2017 album Spirit Guide contains a number of (appropriately) haunting numbers, including "The Woods", which arrives just as the band embarks upon a new U.S. tour.

At times recalling the moody, folky jangle of First Aid Kit, albeit with a brighter tinge of psychedelia, "The Woods" finds Moody in fine voice as she delivers the enigmatic tale contained in its lyrics. Just what is the song about and just what does the video reveal? Well, appropriately enough we may never know exactly, and that's just fine. There is mystery in these chords, in this melody, in the very bones of the tune itself and attempting to unravel them could give us a lifetime of joy.

In addition to the track's considerable musical charms, the accompanying video, directed by Brendan Eder, is one of the more remarkable visual companions in recent times. Eder, himself a musician, shot the footage in Hudson Valley, New York, blending layers to create an inter-dimensional world. In essence, Moody's lyrics transformed into pictures.

No matter the technology, though, at the heart of it all is a song and a spirit just waiting to be discovered.


2.20 - Schubas - Chicago, IL
2.21 - The Frequency - Madison, WI
2.22 - Shank Hall - Milwaukee, WI
2.23 - Amsterdam Bar and Hall - St. Paul, MN
2.24 - The Bottleneck - Lawrence, KS
2.25 - 1867 - Lincoln, NE
2.26 - Globe Hall - Denver, CO
2.28 - The Loading Dock - Salt Lake City, UT
3.1 - Rickshaw Theatre - Vancouver, BC
3.2 - Fun House - Seattle, WA
3.3 - TBA - Portland, OR
3.4 - The Space - Salem, OR
3.5 - Axe & Fiddle - Cottage Grove, OR
3.6 - The Dip - Redding, CA
3.7 - The Saint - Reno, NV
3.8 - The Crepe Place - Santa Cruz, CA
3.9 - TBA - San Francisco, CA
3.11 - Moroccan Lounge - Los Angeles, CA

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