Hearts Hearts Experiment with Electronic Psychedelia on "Goods / Gods" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Terrorbird Media

Austrian quartet Hearts Hearts' latest is another genre-bending convergence of electronic flair, and it has a surreal and offbeat music video to match.

Hearts Hearts are all about unconventional innovation. Striking a sort of offbeat balance with their arrangements, the Austrian quartet is anything but formulaic. The progression of their newest song, the titular "Goods / Gods", opens with a relentlessly driving percussion. String synth swirls around the progression as vocalist David Österle lays his crystalline falsetto over the track. The result is shimmering electropop — something that, if nothing else, is definitively Hearts Hearts.

The band brings its knack for ingenuity into the development of its visual art as well. As much is evident in the "Goods / Gods" music video. Directed by Rupert Höller, the video centers around evocative psychedelia that ranges from the color editing on display to the surreal dancing present throughout. A cold electronic radiance pulsates throughout the track just as well as in its video, making for a listen and a watch that will be nothing short of captivating.

Hearts Hearts' Goods / Gods album will be out on 20 April via Tomlab.

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