Heazza's Debut EP Is Filled With Lush, Imaginative Portraits From the Heart (EP stream) (premiere)

Photo: Courtesy of Howlin' Wuelf Media

Chicago's Heazza proves deeply listenable on her six-song debut EP that alternately tears at the heart and heals it.

Soulful, Chicago-based singer Heazza issues her debut, six-song EP 4 October via Audible Paint. The eponymous collection displays full range of the Michigan native's emotional and musical prowess, from the deeply moving opener "The Dark" to the nourish "Crimson Eyes". The collective proves inspired and dynamic, never losing continuity and yet demonstrating Heazza's ability to move between darkness, light and the spaces between with uncommon ease. Witness "Winding Forward", a tune that at times imagines Tom Waits' early torch songs and Prince's meditative ballads circa Around the World in a Day but with a sense of triumph even in the hardest, dimmest moments.

Joined by pianist Cole DeGenova, bassist Josh Griffin, drummer Reuben Garza and B Forrest on synths and electronic production, Heazza tracked them album with Noam Wallenberg at Chicago studio, Rax Tracks, and co-produced by Wallenberg with Forrest. The recipient of a 2018 Individual Artist Grant from her current hometown, Heazza does not disappoint on this imaginative and moving debut.

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