Indie Poppers Hideout Put on "Rose" Colored Glasses (premiere)

Photo: Sam Richardson / Courtesy of Lucky Bird Media

Set against the backdrop of ongoing chaos, Hideout's charming new music video "Rose" takes a nostalgic look back on once-bitter past loves.

Despite its morose undertones, Hideout's "Rose" is achingly optimistic. Accentuated by punchy backbeats and captivating hooks, the Brooklyn duo presents a cabinet of understated pop-rock curios to tell their nostalgic tale. Hideout's Gabriel Rodriguez explains, "This song came to fruition through contemplation of the past. No matter how imperfect a relationship may have been, time has the ability to let bitterness fade. Eventually, you find yourself viewing the past through rose colored lenses."

Developed by Jess Sweat, their music video for "Rose" does well to charm. With its depiction of love presented ironically against the backdrop of apocalyptic chaos, it plays out as a cute exaggeration of what the song represents. Featuring a humanoid rose as its leading star, the video replicates the stop-motion style of classic animations that adds to its innocent appeal.

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