Hold My Life #24

PopMatters presents a new comic, Hold My Life, on Mondays and Fridays each week. It’s an innovative concept with a compelling storyline and dynamic art, along with a musical soundtrack for each installment, truly a multimedia pop culture comic.

Hold My Life, created by Dale Ingram, is the story of an aspiring rock ‘n’ roll star named Penny Heartbreaker, who moves to the city to make her name in the music industry. Things don’t work out the way she’d planned. Stage fright and anxiety sideline her, and she meets a boy named Johnny who steals her heart… and then he steals her songs.

Dale Ingram wears his influences on his sleeve. He co-owns and contributes to Karmic Calamity Studio and Gallery in Phoenix Arizona, where he lives with his girlfriend Rhonda and freeloading cats Zeke and Roxy. He is also a member of The Plastic Flappybats, who proudly bill themselves as “Best Replacements Cover Band in the Downtown Phoenix area”.