​Hollywood Burns Offers a Taste of Upcoming Debut Album via "Scherzo no. 5 in Death Minor" (premiere)

Somewhere between Bernard Herrmann and Bonnie Tyler lies Hollywood Burns.

Hollywood Burns releases its debut album Invaders on 13 April via Blood Music. The project of musician Emeric Levardon, Hollywood Burns fuses elements of 1950s radio dramas and classic science fiction films with '80s electro, '70s funk and disco with orchestral arrangements. Already being hailed as an exciting new chapter in retro-electro music, this new recording will please devotees of composers such as Giorgio Moroder and Danny Elfman.

"Scherzo no. 5 in Death Minor", taken from Invaders, features a title inspired by John Williams ("Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra", "Scherzo for X-Wings") while the content combines vintage sci-fi sounds with '80s pop energy.

Levardon sees it as highly indicative of the album's overall scope and sound. "Think of it as an improbable crossover of Bonnie Tyler and Bernard Herrmann," he says. "The beginning is light-hearted, but the second part of the song becomes desperate. I added string and piano parts to darksynth in order to increase the dramatic and epic aspects of this frenzied tale."

These elements add a sense of whimsy too often absent from the genre. Brilliantly conceived and executed, it is a piece of unmistakable cinematic quality. Whatever imaginary film inspired this tune, you leave the track wanting only to see it played out repeatedly in your mind as you try to capture its every nuance.

Invaders, out 13 April, may be ordered here.

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