Holy Pinto Delivers Charming Video For Equally Charming Song, "Gold Leaf" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
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British pop singer-songwriter Holy Pinto travels to the heart of the heart of America for an intimate performance in new video, "Gold Leaf".

Holy Pinto's EP Tales From the Traveling T-Shirt Salesman arrives in June and if single "Gold Leaf" is any indication, we're due for a collection of infectious and heartfelt songs that are lightly sentimental but packed with a heft that recalls the loud/quiet/loud of the best '90s pop. Add to its charms, tales of flowers purchased at a petrol station and all the indications of a lover who's trying their best to stay put but just can't. There's a universality in the verses and choruses that will capture the listener's heart upon first listen.

"It's a song tinged with sadness and regret," offers Aymen Saleh, the mind behind Holy Pinto. "It's about what you sometimes give up, the potential of letting someone down and leaving them behind whilst following your internal compass and indulging your inner-restlessness."

The accompanying video features Saleh traveling to Monowi, Nebraska, where he performs for the one (yes, one) resident of the town and a couple of music lovers gathered from the neighboring municipality at the Monowi Tavern. It gives the song's saddest moments a little lift and makes us cheer for Saleh even more.

"We thought it would be fun to take DIY touring to an extreme and play a show in the smallest place possible," Saleh says, "and then document it. We ended up in Monowi, famous for that one resident."

Tales From the Traveling T-Shirt Salesman may be ordered here.

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Jedd Beaudoin
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