Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Honey Magpie Value the Art of Taking One’s Time in “Undecided” (premiere)

Indie folk trio Honey Magpie's latest single, "Undecided", examines the art of patience and taking one's time to make fully-formed decisions in a world that can often feel breakneck.

Honey Magpie is a rising indie folk trio composed of Rachael Hurwitz, Pippa Hoover, and Kati Moore. Since forming in 2014, the North Carolina band have garnered national interest for their often nature-driven, relatable, and roots-driven songwriting. The group’s single, “Undecided”, depicts the art of taking one’s time and sorting through indecision to find an answer. Musically, it follows a progressive pop structure with indelible hooks delivered sweetly with an earnest lead vocal. A hearty string section keeps the song rooted in the realm of Honey Magpie’s indie folk.

Honey Magpie’s Hurwitz tells PopMatters, “‘Undecided’ pokes fun at the struggle of indecision, and the irony of how being rushed to make a choice can make you waver on it longer. It is about not giving in to that pressure, and taking your time, even though you know you might be pissing people off with your ambivalence. ‘Undecided’ has much more of a pop feel than our previous album, three-part harmonies throughout, and strings that build and layer as the song progresses. The day we recorded it, we hadn’t quite decided (haha) how to arrange it, but it ended up being one of our most creative days in the studio.”

The music video for “Undecided” was directed by Justin Leitner. The track was recorded by Curt Armstead, mixed by Ryan Johnson of Raleigh’s Silkworm Sound, and mastered by Sam Khoujinian, also including Gregg Dodson on drums and Curt Armstead on bass and lead guitar.

“Undecided” is also available to stream on Spotify as of today.