Hope Vista - 'Prevail' (EP stream) (premiere)

The young singer-songwriter resurrects 1990s alt-rock on her fun new EP.

Although she's too young to remember when alternative rock came into its own in the early 1990s, 21 year-old singer songwriter Hope Vista absolutely nails that sound on her new EP Prevail, which comes out tomorrow. With its hard-edged sound and emphasis on pop hooks (which is often reminiscent of the Matrix in their prime) it's ironic that a sound so rooted in the past can sound like a breath of fresh air in 2015.

"Prevail is a complete culmination of what 2015 has been for me," Vista explains. "It ties together everything I've experience in the past near year and focuses on what has impacted me the most. The word 'prevail' itself is the one word that describes 2015 in general, and it holds a ton of meaning in the sense that no matter what this year has brought, I can honestly say that I've fought to prevail in the long run. There's negative, there's positive; some topics are ugly. But "PREVAIL" doesn't hold back on what I've experienced and how it's affected both my career and me as an individual."

Pre-order Prevail now at iTunes.

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