Hotel Garuda Shares New Single "One Reason" (premiere)

Photo by Jordan Douglas

Hotel Garuda's "One Reason" is a surging, feel-good dance track that'll coax clubbers onto the dancefloor for years to come.

Hotel Garuda (aka Aseem Mangaokar) presents the R&B tinged dancefloor banger, "One Reason", a storming club tune set to blow away those winter blues. Opening with minimalistic synths acting as a warm, inviting bed for New York R&B Singer Kiah Victoria's sumptuously soulful vocals, as she gently beckons the listener onto the dancefloor. Once there, there's no getting off as walls of vast, dazzling synths and palpitating club beats engage those hips, raise those arms and pump those legs.

Throughout Mangaokar exhibits his abilities, deftly knowing when to apply the heat to take the song past boiling point and when to let things simmer, such as when songwriter and producer Imad Royal is called upon to add his contemporary pop croon. After the song spins towards the briefest of drops, Mangaokar sends it home on a wave of sunshine beats and distorted tape loops. "One Reason" is a surging dance track that'll coax clubbers onto the dancefloor for years to come, whatever the season.

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