House of Blondes Feel the Seasons Change on "The Tilted Earth" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of House of Blondes

New York synth duo House of Blondes tie together their new Time Trip with strands of Brian Eno, Vangelis, and futurist thump.

The penultimate track on Time Trip, the new album from House of Blondes, was the first to be laid down and the last to be put to rest. New York duo John Blonde and Chris Pace began working on Time Trip in 2015 and finished in 2017, and the "The Tilted Earth" spins together feelings of budding optimism and building conclusion, the sound of the starting pistol and the sight of the finish line. Somewhere between Stranger Things and "Chariots of Fire", the song flutters with broad, soaring synth strokes, its kite strings held by a flattened club thump. Produced by the pair in Mt. Vernon, New York, Time Trip will be released by Alrealon Musique on 20 April.

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