Housse de Racket - 'The Tourist' (album stream) (premiere)

The French duo's fun, exuberant third album couldn't be more perfectly titled.

French duo Housse de Racket claim to have immersed themselves in as wide a variety of music as possible in search of inspiration for their third album The Tourist. “We listened to Fleetwood Mac, Spacemen 3, XTC, Steel Pulse, Alan Vega, Ravel, Laurie Anderson, Miles Davis, Television… Everything we could get our hands on," the guys say, and indeed you hear a staggering variety on the new record, which evokes Giorgio Moroder one minute, the Beatles the next, and Phoenix the next.

The statement Victor le Masne and Pierre Leroux make about the album is short but sweet, and considering the range of this vibrant album, couldn't be more appropriate: "Music is a trip and we're all tourists."

Indeed. The Tourist will be released 30 October.

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