Hugh Christopher Brown – “Keeper of the Flame” (audio) (premiere)

The Canadian folk artist debuts a windswept love song produced inside of the Wolfe Island post office.

Between his time spent between Brooklyn, NY and Wolfe Island, Ontario, Hugh Christopher Brown produces records while collaborating with a gaggle of fellow musicians in various projects. On top of this, the artist is a notable activist who’s offered his musical talents to the Pittsburgh Institution in the form of workshops.

Now, Brown is going solo for his latest studio output. There have been some intriguing cases of just where a record was produced, and in this case, his story stands among them. Available on December 5, 2017, Pacem was produced entirely at the Wolfe Island post office.

Ahead of its release, Brown is setting “Keeper of the Flame” loose into the world. The windswept love song features classic, longing Dobro set against rollicking percussion. The folk-pop artist describes the heartstring-tugging tune as “very simply about someone who makes me want to live and taught me how to love in a whole new way.”