I Wear* Experiment - "Deepfreeze" (video) (premiere)

If "Deepfreeze" is anything to go by, Tallinn, Estonia's I Wear* Experiment are going to be a smash with their upcoming debut album.

Tallinn, Estonia's I Wear* Experiment play a shimmering, sometimes funky, brand of glistening synthpop just made for dancefloors. This is highly melodic music rich in texture that provokes the imagination with its cinematic flairs and delightful polyrhythmic drums. The band had a hit in Estonia with their first single, "Patience", and the song we're premiering today, "Deepfreeze", is only their second single. But already the band has been tapped by Hurts to open their shows in the Baltics and they are currently working towards putting out their debut album.

I Wear* Experiment tells PopMatters that "when recording the album, 'Deepfreeze' stood out the most as it was favored by the whole band instantly. It captures dark themes of sleeplessness and anxiety, but also has a dancey vibe to it. In our opinion this contradiction reflects greatly on what I Wear* Experiment is all about."

Meanwhile, regarding the video, "we were looking for a person to do visualizers for our upcoming album. As big fans of Mutemath, we always try to keep up with all their releases and when Vitals came out, the songs were accompanied with cool visuals by David Hoskins. An e-mail was sent out in the matter of minutes. David really liked the song and we really liked his view on how everything should look like, so all else is history.

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