Photo: Luis A. Lopez / Courtesy of Skye Media

Ike Reilly’s “Clean Blood Blues” Captures Attitude, Artistic Grit (premiere)

Ike Reilly continues exploring the tradition of artist as outlaw in latest track "Clean Blood Blues", and you know he means it.

“Clean Blood Blues” is the latest in a series of videos capturing Ike Reilly live at the Loft at City Winery in New York City. Reilly, the consummate troubadour, released his latest album, Crooked Love, in May of this year.

Of this track Reilly says, “During a spell of sobriety I was pulled over in my hometown for erratic driving. I was asked to do a field sobriety test, which I passed with flying colors. I asked the cop if he had anything he wanted me to blow into. He took my question the wrong way and got pissed. I did finally blow. The breathalyzer test came up clean as a whistle. I still got a bunch of chicken shit violations.”

Of his recent experiences in New York City, the songwriter says, “New York City is my second favorite city in the world. When I get evicted from my present home outside of Chicago, I’m seriously considering moving to the Village.”