Imarhan – “Assossamagh” (Singles Going Steady)

Assossamagh" is a steady road-tripper's dream. Guitars have a serious strut, and Imarhar follows the beat of his own metre.

Dustin Ragucos: If you’ve ever decided not to listen to non-western music because something like Jerusalem In My Heart’s If He Dies, If If If If If felt boring, then good news: “Assossamagh” is a steady road-tripper’s dream. Guitars have a serious strut, and Imarhar follows the beat of his own metre. [7/10]

Jedd Beaudoin: A keeper for sure. Love the rhythms and the instrumentation. Not all that unusual but still novel in the way those familiar elements are used. Permanent collection stuff for sure. [8/10]

Chad Miller: Catchy guitar intro followed by a similarly catchy opening verse. However, nothing really progresses much farther than that as most of the opening is repeated and stretched until the song approaches the four-minute mark. It doesn’t contain very much relief to show for it either. Guitar solos do a good job of mixing things up when it gets the chance to shine. Too bad it doesn’t happen nearly enough. [5/10]

Chris Pittaway: Pinned on some excellent guitar and bass work, ‘Assossamagh’ is a funky, organic retro jam. What really stands out about this track is its near-perfect production, locking every instrument into a complimentary pocket and not letting any, no matter how impressive, outshine the rest and emphasising primal groove over flash. [8/10]

Dami Solebo: Pleasant song. It had a nice melody, but nothing particularly memorable. Obviously with language difference, it was hard to have any connection with that respect. [5/10]

Imarhan‘s new self-titled album releases April 29th via City Slang.

SCORE: 6.60