Inaya Day and Joe Cozzo - "Road to Recovery" (video) (premiere)

The EDM producer pays tribute to his little son in this moving new track and video.

In March 2012, Alex Cozzo, the three year-old son of Florida DJ Joe Cozzo was found at the bottom of a swimming pool. He remained in a coma for weeks, and doctors warned the family that Alex might never come of life support or open his eyes. The night residents of Fishhawk, Florida held a candlelight vigil for Alex, he awoke from his coma. Sadly he suffered severe brain damage -- he only now as 10 percent brain capacity -- and at seven years old now he has undergone 15 different surgeries.

Cozzo reached out to singer Inaya Day to help write a song about the experience, and HBO documentary filmmaker Kirk Gillon, has put together a video for this special message of hope and perseverance.

"Ever since the accident I had in my mind the idea for a song dedicated to my son Alex's recovery with my heart set on the name 'Road To Recovery'," Cozzo tells PopMatters "I reached out to Inaya Day to see if she would be interested in collaborating on this project with me. I have always been a fan of Inaya. She has such a beautiful voice & did an amazing job with the info I gave her to put the lyrics together."

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