Indianola Tells of Love "Too Good to Be True" Ahead of Debut LP, Dates With Shovels & Rope (premiere)

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Indianola explores emotional darkness on the gorgeous new song, "Too Good to Be True", that bridges Roy Orbison, Harry Nilsson, and the great crooners.

Owen Beverly's debut LP under the Indianola moniker, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, is out 10 May. Beverly will embark on a tour with Shovels & Rope and Frank Turner in April, followed by a series of dates with Ruby Boots.

In preparation for all of that, Beverly, whose credits included work with Nicole Atkins, has prepared a new video for the album cut "Too Good to Be True". Reminiscent of the sweet sadness heard in the music of both Roy Orbison and Harry Nilsson, a song that is never truly sentimental, opting instead to take to darker corners while soaring to strange, great heights. It's a strange take on the Wall of Sound, crooner records and a subtle nod to the contemporary sensibilities of artists such as Father John Misty. The accompanying, truly cinematic video accentuates the piece's flair for the dramatic while never losing sight of its emotional content or ability to speak the truth.

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