Indigo Face - "At the Gate" (video) (premiere)

The European band's sensual pop hybrid comes into full bloom in their new video.

Led by singer-songwriter Mariachiara Terragin and producer/multi-instrumentalist Maxime Obadia, London/Paris-based band Indigo Face will be releasing their new EP At the Gate on 4 December. Specializing in modern art pop, the gracefully blend multiple sounds such as synthpop, electronic, and R&B to create a sumptuous and sensual hybrid, which you will see and hear in their new video for the title track.

"The song and the video explore the intricate nature of the opposites," they tell PopMatters. "There is a whole universe inside of us that is craving to be heard, a universe where earth and sky, city and nature, masculine and feminine, matter and spirit, are weaved together creating an intimate dance of tension and release. We wanted to represent this concept in the video and we were honored to work with two talented dancers of the Royal Ballet."

Pre-order Indigo Face's At the Gate via iTunes.

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