Insect Ark 2021
Photo: Elia Nalante / Courtesy of PR

Insect Ark Perform a Deep Atmospheric Dive with ‘Future Fossils’ EP (premiere)

Dana Schechter reverts Insect Ark to their solo form, leaving behind the psychedelic rock structures for a dark ambient detour.

Future Fossils
Insect Ark
Consouling Sounds
24 September 2021

It was just last year that Insect Ark unveiled their third full-length, The Vanishing. With drummer Andy Patterson replacing Ashley Spungin, the project led by Dana Schechter reached its creative peak. Dark and ominous, heavy and psychedelic, The Vanishing fluidly moved through doom metal motifs and psychedelic rock hallucinations. Now, just a year later, Schechter returns, going back to the original, solo project form of Insect Ark. This new offering comes in the form of the Future Fossils EP, which packs a different kind of punch.

Instead of the solid rock form that Insect Ark possessed, here the armor has been stripped away, exposing the underlying core. This is a journey to the land of the ambient and the minimal. Future Fossils lingers in the ethereal domain, expanding in a cinematic fashion. Through its passages, elements of improvisation and dark ambient combine to create this fascinating realm. While in many ways, Future Fossils is a departure from the sound we have come to know from Insect Ark, it still radiates with the act’s unique perspective. Hallucinatory and otherworldly, but still potent and condensed, it is a meditative trip for the dark side of the mind.

It’s with great pleasure that we are now presenting ahead of its release date, the record in its entirety. So relish its abstract form, and lose yourself in its illusory spell. The EP is out via Consouling Sounds on 24 September and can be pre-ordered as an LP or as a CD.