Photo courtesy of artist

iuliano Embraces Offbeat Eclecticism in “The Hidden Root” (premiere)

iuliano creates a rich audiovisual experience with "The Hidden Root" that's defined by elements of art pop, progressive rock, and electronic music.

Born in Italy, iuliano began his musical journey with nothing more than a childhood dream. He grew into studying piano, which eventually culminated into keyboard performances at local clubs. His passion for blending progressive rock, jazz, and soul turned into admission into the Berklee College of Music, followed by further enriching experiences as a world-traveling producer and small label-owner in Malaysia. Now back in Italy, iuliano’s next step forward has been in taking his deep cultural experiences and memories from his travels and invoking them in his music, resulting in his forthcoming EP Hidden Roots.

Together, the EP’s titular song and music video embody an enriching, eclectic audiovisual experience. From its opening moments, the production’s slick, minimalist riffs and percussion serve to envelop iuliano’s audience in mystery. As the tune’s innate mix of art pop, indie rock, and electronic develop further, the visual presentation that the artist presents us grows more and more intensely unorthodox. While the song pans further into its eclectic makeup, so does the overall production. By the video’s end, viewers would have seen iuliano being painted as a black-and-white tree and dancing inside of falling apples amidst close-up shots of his face and body as he transforms. So, he gets to exhibit the quirks of his vision of finding oneself throughout the captivating number.

iuliano’s Hidden Roots is coming soon. He describes it as his true passion project, saying, “It’s the sound that I’ve heard my whole life, together in one place. Everybody has a limit – sometimes the wrong side of the limit keeps you from making music, but if you can go around it, it becomes a point of power. You can express yourself through your limits. It makes you different from other artists, and it becomes your point of strength.”

“The Hidden Root” music video was directed by Chris Evans, edited by Sumedha Perera. Perrera conceptualized the piece with Kokoro Recording Studio’s Sabrina Carnevale.