Ivan & Alyosha Seek Resilience With "Everybody Breaks" (premiere)

Photo: Joe Day / Nettwerk Records

Ivan & Alyosha return with a new single providing glimpses of their continued evolution. "Everybody Breaks" is an insanely catchy folk-pop number that's instantly memorable.

Seattle's Ivan & Alyosha have been quiet of late with members attending to various details of adult and family life. But not completely quiet. Somewhere, in between joys and mundanities, the quintet has been making new music. "Everybody Breaks" is the first single from an upcoming release by the collective and features everything we've come to love about this band: Soaring choruses, gorgeous vocal harmonies and well-tempered but ultimately inspirational lyrics. It's also evidence of the collective's continued evolution. The future has never seemed more welcoming for Ivan & Alyosha.

The band say, "This is a song reminding us that we are all on an even playing field. At the end of the day, we break sometimes, and that's ok. The big question is, what do you do when things fall apart?"

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