J Churcher - "Finding Roxanne" (video) (premiere)

J Churcher muses on the joys and sorrow of love in gorgeous new electropop/dream pop song "Finding Roxanne".

Londoner J Churcher recorded parts of his debut album, Borderland State, over the course of two years and then had the fortune of meeting producer Dreamtrak, who helped Churcher fully realize his musical vision. "Finding Roxanne" is a mesmerizing song loaded with emotion that's underpinned by wall-of-sound synths and Churcher's evocative and yearning voice. Churcher tells PopMatters that the song is "a homage to the agonies and ecstasies of falling in love".

Churcher's sound is rooted in the '80s, but filled with the mood and textures of '10s electropop and dream pop. Check out "Finding Roxanne" and more on Churcher's debut Borderland State, which was released last week on 37 Adventures.

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