Photo: Amber J. Davis

J. Marco Embraces the “Truth” (premiere)

Indie songwriter J. Marco rides the line between the pop and rock realms to produce his sun-drenched and hopeful new single.

Although J. Marco has long been committed to music, many first turned their ears towards the Nashville indie artist over the last couple of years. With the subsequent releases of Myth and Days of Surrender, Marco established himself as a prominent voice in the realm of contemporary, singularly-crafted rock ‘n’ roll. Now, the solo artist is continuing on his rapid fire climb up the proverbial ladder with a brand new single.

“Truth” is the latest from J. Marco. The fast-paced, sun-drenched outfit will be quick to get fans up on their feet. It’s also, once again, a bastion from which Marco can leap straight into a further intent to innovate with his sound.

J. Marco tells PopMatters, “With ‘Truth’, I wanted to explore a merging of sounds; pop and rock, real and programmed instruments, to create something unique and forceful, while still catchy and relatable. I’m interested in creating a feeling in the listener through the sounds, not just words. That’s how I listen to music, and how music impacts me. The sounds have to be there first.

“To me, ‘Truth’ is a hopeful song about appreciating the things we have now, even with the knowledge that everything changes and even the best things are temporary. I think that’s something we all struggle with in the go-go hurry up digital age. The main character in the verses is someone struggling with the finiteness of it all, worried if his love for someone can transcend the oceans of time and separation, dreaming to live forever inside a picture framed on his wall.”