Punk Noir's Jail Weddings Return With "Do Anything You Want to Me" (premiere)

Photo: Lisa Johnson, Courtesy Dave Clifford / US/Them Group

Los Angeles punksters Jail Weddings end their five-year hiatus with the smoldering new rocker, "Do Anything You Want to Me".

Los Angeles punk noir outfit Jail Weddings return with their first album in five years, Wilted Eden, on 20 September. Merging Los Angeles' rich musical history with a potent dose of its future, Jail Weddings exhibits its prowess and prescience via the new single, "Do Anything You Want to Me." A marriage between the Dream Syndicate, X, and the smoldering sounds of classic English post-punk, the tune is smart, energetic and more than worth the wait.


09/24 Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite - Album release show0

9/25 San Francisco, CA @ The Honey Hive0

9/26 Reno, NV @ TBA09/27 Portland, OR @ TBA0

9/28 Seattle, WA @ The Lo-Fi09/29 Eugene, OR @ TBA

09/30 Sacramento, CA @ TBA

10/01 Albany, CA @ The Ivy Room

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