Jake McMullen - "I Don't Wanna Wake Up" (video) (premiere)

Rarely do you hear Americana music merge with dreampop, but this new track does so in stunning fashion.

Hailing from Nashville by way of Orange County, California, singer-songwriter Jake McMullen combines Americana and dreampop in his surreally beautiful new single "I Don't Wanna Wake Up", and that feeling similarly permeates the video for the track.

"The song stems from the idea of how we deal with what is presented to us in life," he explains. "Whether that be relation or material and how we can choose to accept or deny the outcome. Dillon O'Neal and Chris Lowery did a fantastic job of portraying the tone of the song by taking us through that dream-like state. It touches on themes of lust, violence, selfishness, etc.; those inner feelings we all have but often twist what is reality in our minds to suit what we might be more comfortable with."

Stream the track as well on Soundcloud.

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