Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Folkie Jakob Leventhal​ and Sarah Jarosz Visit “Greenwich Village Ghosts”

Folk singer-songwriter Jakob Leventhal and Sarah Jarosz collaborate on the delicate folk-pop single "Greenwich Village Ghosts".

Folk singer-songwriter Jakob Leventhal teams up with Americana’s Sarah Jarosz for the delicate folk-pop of the tender “Greenwich Village Ghosts”. It’s a spare tune with a gorgeous melody sung quietly in hushed harmony by Leventhal Jarosz and accompanied by a minimalist piano motif. Leventhal, it turns out, has quite the way with a tune, so much so that Elton John said of his last album, Oh, So Bittersweet!, “This is one of the most beautiful records I’ve heard in a long time.” That beauty continues on his latest release since that career-making album.