James Demon - "Stay Up Late" (video) (premiere)

Berlin's James Demon leads us into the dark and back into the light with his lean and muscular minimalist techno on "Stay Up Late".

Berlin's James Demon launched the Occultists record label to showcase both the techno music he so dearly loves as well as esoteric, Gothic elements. Demon has just released his first full-length EP, Alessa, featuring four tracks of dark, minimalist techno equally meant for very late nights at a club or headphone excursions.

The arrangements are lean and feature haunting elements to inhabit the corners of our imagination. Yet, it's not all darkness as Demon interweaves lighter sounding synths to create contrast and compelling musical textures. The juxtaposition of male and female, darkness and light are central to Demon's thematic concerns.

Demon tells PopMatters that for this video he "wanted to make something that was true to myself and the label while still being true to the music. The track and video are inspired by one of my favorite horror films, but it is also a commentary on the long nights and weekends of club culture."

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