James VIII Aims to "Set You Free" with New Single (premiere)

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Up-and-coming blues artist James VIII blends elements of funk, soul, and rock into his electrifying new tune "Set You Free".

James VIII is an artist who prides himself on getting lost on stage. When the music gets going, the singer-songwriter and noted guitarist lays into the jazzy, soulful inclinations of his performance with everything he has. He laughs and shrugs it off when audience members point out his facial contortions, saying, "When I'm playing, I don't care about anything except the sounds coming through me. I close my eyes and go to a place where music is the only thing that matters."

Inspired by the likes of B.B. King and James Brown, James VIII's music lies somewhere in the realm of blues, funk, and rock without a definitive answer on which is the predominant focus. Moreover, it's a blend of each genre and the attitude that comes with it, making for a rich, emotive sound that comes across as searing in the studio as it does on stage. This much is evident on his new single, "Set You Free", from off of his forthcoming self-titled EP, VIII.

Inundated by funky horns, luminous guitar licks, and James's own passionate croon, the single is an impressive first showing from the artist's upcoming six-track work. It ends with a swath of instrumental solos that just don't happen as often as they used to in music anymore, and it's a feel-good moment all around.

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