Photo courtesy of Baby Robot Media

Jamie McLean Band – “Sing It” (audio) (premiere)

Jamie McLean and the band team up with Ken Coomer to produce some rich and inspiring new Americana.

You may not know Jamie McLean by name, but there’s a good chance you’ve heard one of his songs. The New York roots rocker has penned hundreds of original tunes spanning a slew of Americana’s myriad of influences. Beyond that, he’s offered his scorching guitar to the likes of Aaron Neville and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and has even seen the world as a result of it. So, he’s sure gotten around, and he has the warm, developed sound to back it up.

His bandmates, Brian Griffin (drums) and Ben Mars (bass), have too. It’s a good reason why the work that they, alongside McLean, contribute to the Jamie McLean Band feels so good to listen to. These guys are the real deal, packing soulful, blues-worn influences into the Americana cavalcade that they transcend forward within each performance.

“Sing It” offers McLean a lot of room to navigate its groove, and he does so with fiery soul that showcases his innate capability as a frontman. Produced by Ken Coomer of Wilco fame, its swampy roots rock arrangement offers itself well to this song that’s chockful of hope. Amidst driving guitar, drums, and some rocking piano, McLean confidently croons, “When the blues have got you down, this song will make ’em go.” It’s a positive message in a rocking song that can get anyone up and dancing, and it’s just one of many from off of the Jamie McLean Band’s upcoming LP, One and Only. One and Only will see release on 28 February 2018.