Photo: Josh Wool

Jarrod Dickenson Duets With Wife on “Your Heart Belongs to Me” (premiere)

Americana's Jarrod Dickenson is joined by his wife, Claire, for a subtly sweet duet that recalls their story of long-distance love.

“‘Your Heart Belongs to Me’ is a duet that I sing with my wife, Claire,” says Jarrod Dickenson. “I wrote this song while the two of us were in the middle of a three and a half year long-distance relationship between Brooklyn, New York, and Belfast, Northern Ireland. It’s a song about how the simplest kind of love can be the most valuable. It requires no frills, no pretense, just two people who want each other above all else.”

It’s an uplifting release in uncertain times from the Americana singer-songwriter. The third single from his forthcoming album, Ready the Horses, “Your Heart Belongs to Me”, is a softly moving arrangement that bears no pomp. It’s a straight-shooting effort from Dickenson and his beloved with sparse, yearning instrumentation that helps in accentuating the subtle sweetness of the story that they share. From Waco, the now Nashville-based artist speaks to the roots traditions of Texas-brand storytelling. Dickenson’s latest LP is due out on 22 May.