Photo: John Loreaux / Courtesy of E2PR

JD Simo’s Psychedelic Soul in Spotlight With “One of Those Days” (premiere)

Jack White/Luther Dickinson collaborator, JD Simo delivers the trippy, soulful, and emotional "One of Those Days" about the importance of perseverance.

Chicago-born and Nashville-based, JD Simo is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer whose particular brand of soulful, psychedelic rock is on full display via his latest single, “One of Those Days”.

Drenched with far-out guitar lines that recall the best work of Curtis Mayfield and a vocal performance that captures the deeply emotional and often uplifting spirit of peak-era Motown, “One of Those Days” demonstrates his particular vision for the future of American music. Namely, that it need not break from tradition to break new ground, nor merely pay homage to the past to prove itself. Having collaborated with Jack White, Tommy Emmanuel, Luther Dickinson, and Blackberry Smoke, Simo is one of the most exhilarating voices of his kind.

Speaking about “One of Those Days,” he says, “It’s based on a sentiment I hope we all can relate to. I try really hard to grow and account for the things about myself I want to change. In the same breath, I see how I fall short. There’s no harm in that unless you don’t keep trying. Progress not perfection! ‘One of Those Days’ is my get back up, dust yourself off and try again song. So dig it and get back on the horse and ride. We’ll get there.”