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With production ranging from the spastic, space-age drums of "Mr. Mister" to the celestial keys of "Might As Well", The Beauty in Distortion plays with the variance and depth of a polished, full album. Throughout the 23 tracks, two constants bind the project together in a mystical fashion: the steamy vocal musings of Jack Davey and the bleeps, drums, and melodies of Brook D'Leau. Heralded as a cross between Prince and the B-52s, J*DaVeY is in fact influenced by too many genres to count. A fusion of funk, surf, soul, hip-hop, and electronic secret sauce, the J*DaVeY EPs will satiate starving fans from all ends of the musical spectrum.

Might As Well [MP3]


Mr. Mister [MP3]


Mr. Mister [Video]

Dr. Dog

(both songs from Fate releasing 22 July)

The Ark [MP3]


The Old Days [MP3]


Andre Williams

(both songs from Can You Deal with It? releasing 29 July)

Can You Deal with It? [MP3]


Never Had a Problem [MP3]


Backyard Tire Fire

The Places We Lived [MP3]


Hamell on Trial

When You Are Young [MP3] (from Rant & Roll releasing 8 July)



Hey War Pigs [MP3]


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