Jenn Bostic Ushers in a "Revival" with Her New Music Video (premiere)

Photo: Sara Kauss

With "Revival", soulful singer-songwriter Jenn Bostic works to empower her listeners to power through the day-to-day toils of life.

Nashville-based artist Jenn Bostic is continuing her penchant for inspiring and invigorating songs with the effervescent "Revival". Invoking country, gospel, and pop influences, the soulful singer-songwriter belts her way through the track with as much relaxed ease as she empowers her audience with joyous expression in its music video. It's the titular single from off of her upcoming record, which Bostic is currently hosting an ongoing PledgeMusic campaign for. Before it releases in April, fans might be interested in pre-ordering the Revival album through the campaign in order to receive additional merchandise.

For Bostic, this song and album are the first to represent the "real" her fully. Writing on PledgeMusic, she says, "For the first time in my life, I boldly stepped into the studio and silenced every voice that told me the music my heart longed to record wasn't 'radio-friendly', and created a piece of art that is the best representation of my soul." With the sheer expression of joy and faith presented in the "Revival" single alone, her artistic liberation is as palpable as her delivery of the song is passionate.

"It is my hope the viewer can find joy in the music video for 'Revival'," Bostic tells PopMatters. "Some days we wake up tired or discouraged, but it's so important to choose joy and believe that something good is always about to happen."

"Revival is an album of strength and overcoming. I hope it empowers the listener to believe they can overcome any obstacle."

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