Photo: Eve Searles

Jerry David DeCicca Hits the Road in “Burning Daylight” (premiere)

Jerry David DeCicca duets with Eve Searles on his rollicking new road song, "Burning Daylight".

Jerry David DeCicca is taking a roots rock-fueled turn with his new album, Burning Daylight. Out on 28 September via Super Secret, DeCicca credits the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and others in their lane for powering his passion for music in his teens. It’s an era from which the singer-songwriter derives much of his inspiration for the forthcoming LP; he credits the “spirit and urgency of my old heroes” for the twists and turns that it takes. Exploring the loves and lives of subjects in DeCicca’s Texas Hill Country, the album hits a crossroads between country, rock, folk, and blues with its spirited, spacious performances.

DeCicca is debuting the album’s titular tune with PopMatters, featuring a charming music video that captures its appeal as a laid-back road song straight away. The song drives and never meanders, straight-shooting in chronicling the ups and downs of life on wheels, rolling across a specific cut of land. DeCicca tells us, “Burning Daylight’ is a little metaphorical road-trip rock-n-roller full of random joys and bummers as we cruise up the Road with a capital ‘R’. In the song, we break down, but know we gotta keep going while the sun is still up.”

“I’m not really a carpe diem or YOLO kind-of-guy, but there’s a lot of things I want to experience in life and only a short time to do them. Highway 281 will take you from Brownsville to the tip-top of North Dakota, but the small section we’re riding on is from Bulverde, Texas up to Johnson City, a beautiful drive. Eve Searls duets with me on this song and in real life. Don Cento plays the hot guitar solo (he wasn’t with us on this trip, but we honked when we drove past his house).”