Jess Nolan Warns Against Retreading History on "Here We Go Again" (premiere)

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On her latest single "Here We Go Again", soulful singer-songwriter Jess Nolan laments the current state of the world in a call for unity.

Often have we allowed our differences to divide us more than we have worked to unify under a common interest for peace. In light of political tendencies to lend fire to division, especially, artists have historically put out some of their most influential work. Such is the case with singer-songwriter Jess Nolan. With "Here We Go Again", the New Jersey-gone-Nashville soul artist is lending her voice to a worldwide movement to look the divisiveness of today's political divide in the eyes and shove it aside.

Throughout the slow burn of the song's searing opening crawl, Nolan's heart-bearing call to action asks her listeners to believe in freedom and hope, and not in the fear that the world's leaders are once again trying to sell. In just over four minutes, her emotional delivery manages to sell this message without a saccharine or mechanical bone in the song's structure whatsoever.

Produced by Geoffrey Moore (Jonny P) and engineered by Joe Costa (Ben Folds), the layers of music that build up throughout add to this poignancy most assuredly. Even so, what truly sets this track alight is Nolan's earnest plea to stop treading back over the worst portions of our history by letting fear and false claims define us. We have a long way to go before many of the world's powers shift towards embracing what is right, but those with empowering art like Nolan's are a reminder that there is still room for hope in our darkest hours.

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