Jesse and the Dandelions Tease New Album With "Not Getting Your Way" (premiere)

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Canadian singer-songwriter and friends explore space, pop and more.

Hailing from Edmonton Alberta, Jesse and the Dandelions find the sweet spot between the outer reaches of space and the earthly pursuit of perfect pop songs. One can hear the band practicing its mature wares on "Not Getting Your Way" from the upcoming LP Give Up the Gold. With gorgeous slashes of melodic guitars, swirling, nearly psychedelic keyboard and percussion lines and vocals that put the "real" in ethereal, the group manages to be challenging without being pretentious, accessible without being milquetoast.

Jesse Northey says, "This is a song about people who have been handed everything, and how they respond when things don't go as planned for them. It's some sort of guitar-heavy crossover between Teenage Wasteland and songs from the first MGMT record. It feels really good to play live and is probably the most rock and roll song that the band has ever created. That being said, it's still thick with vocal harmonies and all the other dreamy psychedelic elements that I've come to enjoy over the last few years."

The band's new LP, Give Up The Gold, arrives in September 2018. Learn more:

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