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Jesse Denaro Pleads For Love on "Fire" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo courtesy of Public Display PR

Hopeless romantic Jesse Denaro gives us something hopeful for the new single "Fire".

Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter Jesse Denaro's upcoming LP finds the artist letting down his guard and getting to the business of making music that he connects with deeply. His new single, "Fire", exemplifies his current state of mind, finding resolve in a moment of darkness, finding hope for things that have not yet arrived.

Naïve? Probably so but all the more delightful for it. Denaro's effortless singing and heartfelt lyrics capture the listener immediately. From there the song evolves into unexpected musical corners, maintaining its emotional integrity while gliding effortlessly into the new terrain.

Speaking about the song Denaro says, "I'm a hopeless romantic, and I wanted to write a love song even though I had just gone through a horrible break-up. I was living on my friend's couch and writing music which was about all I could do at the time, so the words came from that place of sadness." He adds that the song had a different initial shape. I wrote it for the guitar, and the whole song was originally full-blown and energetic," he notes. "But the first time we performed it at a club, I played it wrong, and it ended up staying that way."

He continues, "It's my little therapeutic love song that pulled me out of a funk. I hope it's associated with a great moment in someone's life, like the song the guy plays in the car on his first date when he realizes she's the one, she's the love of his life. That's what I want it to be."

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