Jesse R. Berlin - "Wash Your Boat!" (audio) (Premiere)

The New York musician's new track is plenty whimsical, but then you read what he says about the song, and you can't stop laughing.

When you listen to the new track by Jesse R. Berlin, there comes a point where you find yourself thinking, wait, is this guy just taking the piss? Then you read his bio, which his fictionalized so hilariously, that you laugh and go along with it all. It turns out this project is helmed by a New York artist who prefers to bring some fun mystique to the indie scene, and although it only takes a 30-second Google search to learn who he is, it’s better to go with it, and listen to the comical blend of new wave, chillwave, and outsider music on new track “Wash Your Boat!”, which we’re very happy to premiere here at PopMatters.

In addition, young Master Berlin has sent us four “fun facts” about the song, which are far too hilarious not to share. So read on, listen, and enjoy.

“1. The music was composed whilst trying (and failing) to pick out the Simpsons theme song by ear for an obnoxious, entitled eight-year-old boy I was teaching at the time. "That's not a song," he said. It is now, you dumb fuck! Ha!

“2. While driving through Springfield, MA a couple years ago, I passed one of those LED highway signs that just said "WASH YOUR BOAT." What a stupid, ridiculous thing to put on a sign.

“3. The arrangement was difficult to get right, but it finally came together after I consulted the masterpiece album See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang, Yeah. City All Over! Go Ape Crazy by Bow Wow Wow. If you've only heard "I Want Candy," what are you even doing? You are seriously throwing your life away. Listen to my thing first, though.

“4. The lyrics were mostly written on a bench in Central Park while I was recovering from a significant amount of dental work. No joke, Elliot Spitzer was eating a sandwich on the bench across from me, and I kinda feel like a little piece of him worked its way into the song. As such, I'd like to use this public space to invite/challenge Client 9 himself to come re-record this song with me, Sinatra "Duets"-style. I just feel like he'd nail it, you know? We could release it as a limited edition one-sided 7" on "public humiliation red" vinyl. Goddamn thing sells itself! Ball's in your court, E.”

Jesse R. Berlin’s new album Glitter Lung will be released 14 August.

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