Jet Black Alley Cat Finds "Miami Baby" in Nashville (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Samantha Hearn / Courtesy of WMA

Pop focused Nashville quintet Jet Black Alley Cat preps new EP, Motel, due out May 25, and shares the first single "Miami Baby".

Jet Black Alley Cat's new effort, Motel, is out 25 May with a new video for the first single, "Miami Baby", arriving now. The track's buoyant pop flavor gets a boost from its visual partner, a humorous exploration of life's more adventurous/dangerous moments. With a deft blend of kitsch and real art, the Nashville collective works its way through the hook-laden tune, demonstrating that the members have master the fine art of the hit.

Vocalist Joe Wilkinson offers, "ideally, we would have loved to shoot the video on-site in Miami, but with our small budget, we decided to bring all the Miami vibes to us in Nashville. We wanted a fun, VICE type feeling about this video... something that put our personalities and energy on display. We had a blast filming it, and I think it's only going to propel the song to new heights."

Indicative of the new Nashville, where rock and pop coexist peacefully alongside the city's traditional flavors of jazz, bluegrass, and country, this quintet has been making a name for itself over the past few years, starting with the 2017 release, Part One. The record spawned singles such as "Golden" and "Roxy" while also leading to bills shared with Taking Back Sunday, Cute Is What We Aim For and others.

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Jedd Beaudoin

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