Jill Andrews – “Get Up, Get On” (video) (premiere)

Andrews creates not only a wonderful piece of pop music, but a compelling short film to accompany it.

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jill Andrews recently released her new album The War Inside, and the broad, theatrical pop sounds of the track “Get Up, Get On” made it an obvious choice for a single. And true to its Florence-esque melodrama, the song has served as the inspiration for a lavish, beautifully realized video.

“I worked with the amazing writer and director Brandon Langley (Mistakist Productions) for the video for “Get up, Get On,” Andrews tells PopMatters. “It really feels more like a short film than a music video because that’s Brandon’s specialty. We wanted to make a beautiful and compelling piece of art that would cause people to feel something. It has some pretty dark content in it but it also has a sense of hope, which is a very common theme in my music.”