Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen – Inspiration Information Vol. 4 (new album / video)

Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen

Inspiration Information Vol. 4


Releasing: 12 October

Eclectic Finnish musician Jimi Tenor teamed up with Afrobeat drumming legend Tony Allen to complete the fourth installment to Strut Records’ Inspiration Information series. The collaboration was recorded last November at Lovelite Studios in Berlin, and concluded this year with added sessions in Finland and Paris. In just over five days of jamming, the two successfully developed what has been described as a raw culmination of: full range Afrobeat repertoire, homemade instruments, vintage keyboards, dark humor, solid grooves, analog recording, and tight, “firing musicianship”. Members of Tenor’s Kabu Kabu band sat in on the sessions, in addition to Berlin-based guest MC Allonymous.


01 Against the Wall feat. Allonymous

02 Sinuhe

03 Selfish Gene

04 Path to Wisdom Feat. Allonymous

05 Darker Side of Light

06 Mama England

07 Got My Egusi Fix

08 Cella’s Walk

09 Three Continents

RATING 9 / 10