Johnny Goth Delivers Lo-Fi Goodness Via "Sleep in the Light" (premiere)

Johnny Goth's "Sleep in the Light" arrives ahead of new split single with Molly Drag. Set the controls for the heart of the slack.

When you think Goth, think Burbank. That statement might read a little odd but the times are indeed changing and said city's own Johnny Goth is making some of those changes happen. Having issued a 2016 single, "Feels Like We're Dying", which garnered its share of attention, the slackidaisacal singer-songwriter returns with a lo-fi track, "Sleep in the Light", layered in guitar soundscapes, ambient vocals and a general sense of something between ennui and wowwee.

Goth delivers a moving performance that's gripping and memorable. Though lo-fi itself can sometimes distance the listener with crackles and pops and general weirdness, Goth has a firm grasp on what makes his own music and the lo-fi aesthetic in general great. You can hear on "Sleep in the Light", one of two tracks he contributes to a new split 7" with Molly Drag via Mutant League. The single arrives November 16 and is available in a limited run of 500 copies with two variants, green and black smoke vinyl (200 copies), solid orange (300 copies).

Says Goth of the track: "'Sleep in the Light' is a track about the cathartic feeling of late night thought, and how it feels difficult sometimes to be truly alive until after dark."

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